Ruh-Roh, MILF Model Stephanie Seymour Back in St. Bart’s With Family

This entire awkwardly close familial situation was so overblown a couple months ago. All this silly speculation about kooky hot veteran model Stephanie Seymour and some very tight loving, touching, squeezing with her strapping sons on the beach, leading one son to come out with a public letter to an unquestioning website stating that he was gay so there was no way reaching a passionate second base with a half-dressed mom was anyway inappropriate, and Stephanie Seymour herself ran to Oprah for a super journalistic Big O type interview, grilled about her shoes or hair or something. All just because of a silly family photographic boner, I mean, error.

To prove that there’s nothing wrong with re-enacting the famous beach scene in From Here to Eternity with your own strapping son, Stephanie Seymour took the kids, sans snoggling snuggling son, and flashed her sweet bikini mom body for her family all the world to see. Could there be anything more innocent? I mean, who cares if mom has sweet boobs and a fine asstastic and seemingly drops her sunscreen every few steps requiring a bottom show? So overblown. Blown. Mmm. Oh, mama, baby’s got a boo-boo! Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame