Scarlett Johansson Sexiness Reappears in Vogue China

I guess if you’re going underground, the place to hide is China. That’s where I’d go. Shangahi. I’ve got a little lean-to off the side of the road to Minhang, completely blends, that’s where you’ll find me when the zombies attack or the cable company comes looking for their past due bill. Scarlett Johansson sexiness reappeared for this months Vogue China, which I believe is just the real Vogue magazine, but you can buy it for a dollar at the metro station and some of the pictures are off-centered and the labels look funny and poorly dubbed. I don’t think Scarlett will ever be able to hide her hotness, it’s like a GPS beacon that can’t be silenced. Amid rumors, scandals, or otherwise just getting divorced and being returned to her status as one of the worlds most eligible celebrities, Scarlett Johansson remains one highly love-making-able wonderment. Enjoy.