SECRET GINGER CRUSH MADNESS! Purported Renee Olstead Nekkid and Naughty Pictures Leaked!


(Evening Update: Nothing official, but the Egotastic! community seems very divided as to which of these photos might be our super favorite ginger crush. Many seem to think all, most seem to think some, but not all. Nobody yet weighing in on the side of none. We’ll continue to monitor and update to the best of our ability.)

First, a word of caution. We can’t 100% say for sure that these super sextastic nekkid pictures depict our most favorite secret ginger crush, the super underrated hottie Renee Olstead. But, we can say that we’ve spent hours and hours ogling Renee Olstead and this sure looks like her. Also, the website hosting these photos seems convinced they’re Renee Olstead. To boot, and most importantly, all of the Egotastic! superfans sending us photos believe this is our favorite red hot. So, I mean, do we dare to dream? Dream. Dream. Dream!

Wow, breather. This is an amazing moment. I think my third ball just dropped. If this is indeed Renee Olstead, damn, she looks amazing. She’s everything I dreamed she could be. And, we’re talking thousand of dreams here. But some of the photos, well, they are beyond dreamscape, somewhere in the land of the can’t-even-dare-to-dream. Super beautiful young woman, beautiful body, all kinds of nekkid doing fun little things that only ladies get to do. If there is anybody out there who did not lust Renee Olstead big time before this day, shame on you, and, welcome to the bandwagon. You’re never getting off (as it were). Enjoy.