READER FINDS: Jennifer Lawrence Sexy in Esquire Video, Jessica White Nekkid in BULLETT Video, Irina Shayk SI Nipple Slips, January Jones Nipple Slip, and Aly Michalka Bare Asstastic (VIDEO)


A million pieces of Egotastic! candy for ‘Barry V’ who clued us into the behind the scenes video of the recent Jennifer Lawerence super-sexy Esquire photoshoot that I’ve been ogling about 69 ways to Sunday. Jennifer Lawrence is going to take sexy celebrityville by storm with her hot looks and amazing rack and, well, I almost can’t wait.

Big time love-me-some-nekkid-Jessica-White props for Egotastic! fan ‘Jeff E.’ for pointing us in the direction of this unclothed behind the scenes look at the Jessica White nekkid photoshoot for BULLETT magazine. Wow, double wow. I lust Jessica White in swimsuits. And I double lust her out of swimsuits. Such a sweet body.


Egotastic! reader ‘Bob W.’ may be in the minority here, but he happens to lust Irina Shayk and her hot body, including nipples. So, bless Bob for sharing his love with us and his find of some very delightful Irina Shayk nipple slip caps from one of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit behind the scenes videos. Apparently, these ones got by the SI censors, who love sextastic, but cringe at the sight of nipple wonderment.

And, speaking of amazing nipple slips, thanks to Egotastic! fan ‘Elijah S.’ for tilting our heads toward this January Jones nipple slip and a view into the amazing chestal regions of this breakout actress slash hottie.

Words can not perhaps describe the feeling that overtook me upon sight of Aly Michalka and her bare-ass cheek. Yes, of course I began with her amazing legs and worked up, but that bare buttside view, even a halfsy ogle, thank you ‘Dennis M.’ for bringing the steak to the party. Enjoy.