READER FINDS: Happy Birthday, Erin Heatherton, Hottie Pop Trio of Britney, Taylor, Rihanna, and Mo’ Modeling Madelina Pica

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Shoutout to Egotastic! superfan 'Goldie' for giving us the head's up that today happens to be the 22nd birthday of one super blonde Hebrew School hottie known as Erin Heatherton. That amazing asstastic just turned twenty-one plus one and I can't even begin to imagine an entire next decade or more of continuing to ogle this Victoria's Secret freckled sweetheart as if my life depends upon it, because I'm pretty sure it does.

Muchos muchos gracias to Egotastic! reader 'Alejandro J.' for uncovering this threesome of pop diva hotness (though I suspect one may be heavily after-effects aided). Britney Spears, looking old school Britney in her Til the World Ends promoshoot, Taylor Swift, pop country Barbie doll for Covergirl, and Rihanna, pimping some kind of beauty bar and looking hidden nekkid doing it. Anyway you slice it, if you could just stop these three gals from singing and, rather, slipping into something silky, well, as Chuck says, 'Winning'.

'GmO' was inspired by last week's welcome of topless top runway model Madalina Pica to find even more Pica-nte sexiness with, among others, these sexy Madalina Pica bikini pictures. Semi-artsy, all kinds of hot. Enjoy.

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