Billionaire Barbie a Fake-Boobed, Drug-Addled, Racist, Empty-Headed Sex Fiend? How Dare They!

Okay, you know I rib Billionaire Barbie for essentially being a injected-molded plastic figurine who gets to dress up and pursue her various pursuits around the globe, be they Spanish race car owner, St. Tropez yacht party girl, or just a quick game of coke-in-snatch with the Vegas P.D., Billionaire Barbie is there, getting paid and getting… well, fucked up. Often even topless, for our general benefit. And, to her credit, and I do, she always seems to be having more fun than anybody else. Something to be said for that.

But, now New York Times entertainment writer, Neil Strauss, has his tell-all celeb interviews book coming out, Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead, and it’s talking trash about Paris Hilton, who Neil interviewed at a 1999 L.A. party when she was eighteen where the teen heiress was bragging about putting on a live sex show the night before, getting her first boob job at fourteen (though mom made her take them out), wanting to pose for Playboy, dropping ecstasy, and becoming famous for partying. Oh, also, and kind of unflattering, she may have said something nasty and idiotic about her dislike of black dudes. Okay, so all in all not a great set of revelations for Billionaire Barbie. But, if you think this is going to stop the 24-hour party and shopping machine, you are so wrong.

(Check here to read the fuller and shocking excerpts of the Paris Hilton at 18 interview by Neil Strauss.

Photo credit: Splash News