Kendra Wilkinson Sports Bra At Dancing With the Stars Rehearsal Reminds Me of Kendra Wilkinson Boobtastic Moments (VIDEO)


I know. I know. Kendra Wilkinson of sex tape fame and Girls Next Door fame and Playboy fame and topless and nude dancing fame and flirty sexy pole maneuvering fame, that was the old Kendra Wilkinson, like two whole years ago. Now, she’s a an author and role model for young wives and moms everywhere and the spitting essence of the proud homemaker. A change for the worse in my opinion, but, it is making her hella dough, so who am I to judge her transformation. Indeed, Kendra is getting back into playing shape post-baby, as evidenced here in these Kendra Wilkinson pictures snapped outside the Dancing With the Stars studios where the ex-glamor model prepared to tango or rumba or some other such moves I will not be watching on television. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News

And, yes, we used to enjoy Kendra’s boobs in far finer fashion pre-transformation, like, say for instance, Kendra Wilkinson topless in a wind tunnel flying, my favorite!