Katherine Heigl Bikini Pictures for the Rare, But Sexy Heigl Appearance

Wow, it’s been nearly three years since we’ve seen the chick-flick movie star Katherine Heigl on this site. Odd, because she’s making movies left and right, and left. And she’s always been pretty damn hot. And she used to offer up a heaping and regular serving of Katherine Heigl bikini pictures every few months, but, recently, super dry. I can’t really even say why. I have my crack research team (my crack-smoking intern) looking into this abnormality. In the interim, never look a gift horse in the mouth, certainly not one finally again in a bikini, this time on the beaches of Miami, flashing the cleavage and mostly unclad beach body for a very nice happy happy Katherine Heigl ogle time. I have a feeling these kinds of glimpses at the blonde hottie are going to continue to be rare, so leer while the leerings good. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News