Kate Upton Lingerie Sexy Two Ways, Color and Black and White (VIDEO)

I think we’re all pretty clear at this point that previously underrated model hottie, Kate Upton, is about to rule the world with her ridiculously sexy body and super hot looks, catapulted by her SI Swimsuit appearance, there’s really no stopping her at this point, and who would want to?

Moving on to two separate bits of Kate Upton picture wonderment, first, in a sweet new Victoria’s Secret photoshoot where the hot blonde lights up the silk and lace scene in a bra show sextacular that has inspired me to actually learn how to finally get one of those off of a woman, I mean, without just relying on the telekinetic powers of my mind, such as they are. Kate Upton models a bra like almost no other. Oh, sure, there are billions of boobs in this world (and I love them all), but I’ll take these two to go, please.

And, oh, by the way, does Kate Upton look mega-hot in Euro artsy sexy black and white? Oh, yeah she does. Check out this sultry Guess photoshoot video if you have any doubts, or, you know, you just want to see Kate Upton half-dressed. Enjoy.