Kacey Barnfield Sexy in Nuts Magazine and Topless in Lake Placid Trois (VIDEO)


Well, well, well, we finally have gotten our collectively lazy asses up to public adoration of sexy brunette Kacey Barnfield, Brit actress from the Inbetweeners sitcom and just one super sextastic piece of asstastic. While we definitely wound, re-wound, and wound ourselves again seeing Kacey Barnfield topless in last fall’s Lake Placid 3 epic cinematic venture (see below), it took our good friends at Nuts and Kacey’s coziness with some cricket playing lucky bastard to put together a remarkable little lingerie photospread to force our hands (and forcing your hand is pretty much an absolute around the super sexy Kacey Barnfield). Count on seeing much more of Kacey in the near future. Enjoy.

Have you still not seen Lake Placid 3? Boob for boob, some of the best topless scenes out there in recent movie history, including the twin wonderments of the sexy Kacey Barnfield. Plus, you know, a man-eating gator thing.