Jessica Wright Proves That The Only Way Is Sideboob

Hey, remember that show we talked about, The Only Way is Essex, the U.K. version of The Hills (or Jersey Shore, if you will, but with an adult level vocabulary). Everybody in Jolly Old is up in arms to make sure that the public know that the reality show about young rich idiotic Essex-folk is not really unscripted, it’s heavily staged for situations and confrontations and such. Now, something I haven’t uttered since the second grade — no, duh. Is there anybody left in the Western World who still believes that reality shows are, well, real? They’re just grand excuses to cast a bunch of hotties getting wasted. And, well, that’s the reason they’re worth watching. Or, in the case of The Only Way Is Essex, the roll of hotties including the likes of brunette cutie ‘reality’ cast member, Jessica Wright, who was kind enough to flash a quality side boob flash ‘neath her dress for Essex Fashion Week. Now, I know for a fact that is really a boob. No scripts there. So, you can fully enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News