January Jones vs. Molly Sims: Better Sweatier Work Out Partner?

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Yesterday, at approximately the same time, hottie actress January Jones, swimsuit modeling wet and perfect Molly Sims, and I all went to the gym. Of course, I beelined to the juice bar to get a guava and Ketel One, while the other two ladies went to work their sweet asstastic into a frenzy of body moistness that would ultimately require me to take a second, nay, third shot of Guava One to calm the eyeball-driven male nervous system. But, to see these two sweat in their stretch pants? It's like how I envision heaven to be.

Which one of these two sexy celebs would you rather watch bend, roll, bounce, climb, roll, and step their way into lust-inducing body shapes? There is no wrong answer. Enjoy.

Photo credit: INF Photo

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