The Friday Four: Must See Pictures of Emma Roberts, Mila Kunis, Summer Glau, and Vida Guerra

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Emma Roberts is on my list of fast-rising hotties; sort of a double edged sword with her indie spirit, some tough movies, but hoping it leads to some awesome cinematic nekkidness soon. And while we wait, this amazing little find of an Emma Roberts sexy swimsuit picture. Come to my pool party any time, Ms. Roberts, I'm blowing the pool up as we speak.

Going to see a Justin Timberlake movie any time soon? Well, yeah, I might be, because it features Hebrew school hottie and freshly single Mila Kunis. Check out this little looksee at Mila in Friends with Benefits and ask yourself if you might be in line soon too. (

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Hottie actress, dancing, sweet-arsed Summer Glau floats my boat in a major league kind of way. This Summer Glau pictures from Nylon magazine give a hint, nay, a scream, as to the future sextastic titles this seasonally-named hottie shall be acclaiming in the near future.

Well, hello Vida Guerra asstastic. We haven't seen your fine booty around here in some time, but, oh, what a comeback. Shiny, sultry, curvy, immense. Four most awesome words in describing that Cuban actress' amazing junk-filled trunkside. It's like a booty Siren's call that could drive men to ground their ships, as it were. Enjoy.

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