Emma Frain Topless Is The Perfect Sex-Ed Tutorial


I remember my sex-ed teacher, the decidedly unhinged Mr. Cross, saying how everything men do is somehow related to procreation of the species, and we kids all laughed, because most of us B and C students didn’t know what ‘procreation’ meant, plus there was a cartoon picture of a four-foot wide vagina on the wall that had us in stitches. Staring at the ridonkulously hot Emma Frain from her latest Nuts shoot, I now realize that the only reason I am compelled to ogle her hot body and amazing funtastic funbags is because, deep down, and, look, this ain’t easy to admit, I want to make babies with her. Yes, it’s true. Many many babies. I want to pollinate her like a worker bee sticks it to the queen. That’s really the only part I actually remember from sex-ed. Oh, Emma, we could learn the rest together! Enjoy.