The Spread Eagle Has Landed: Britney Spears Launches Her Comeback

Can Britney Spears git’er up one more time for one big last rodeo?

While Nicole Kidman was poking nipples in the City By the Bay, across town, Britney Spears put on a free concert as part of her comeback to greatness venture, lathering herself up with oleo and slipping into the old costumes, stretching ever so tight around her new body, as she bent and preened and oopsed and did it again. I will say this, she’s still got the positions down. She’s like The Natural stepping up to the plate after a long, mysterious absence from the game. Whether she can still tear the cover off the ball, let alone produce some tingles in the collective male scrote, that remains to be seen. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News / Fame