Charlie Sheen Goddess, Rachel Oberlin (Bree Olson), Exposed In Her Last Adult Photoshoot (Egotastic! Exclusive from


(Man, how I’ve always wanted to do one of those ‘bubble’ picture-in-picture shots like on those grocery store magazines.)

When the news story broke last month that Charles Manson was found using a cell phone in prison, I really was wondering who the mesmerizing loon might be calling on the outside. Apparently, he was feeding Charlie Sheen some advice on how to set up the perfect family unit. One crazy dude in the hills of L.A. surrounded by a bunch of programmable nubile women and an amount of narcotics that would make Scarface blush. It’s either the recipe for some 24-hour party times or, you know, Helter Skelter.

The media has been all a-tickle in its efforts to get background on two of Charlie’s new family members, the self-titled Goddeses, one of whom is Natalie Kenley, a sexy pot mag cover model (a gateway hottie you might say), and Rachel Oberlin, who most adult males, and the Egotastic! community, know better as adult film star, Bree Olson, who we’ve featured a couple times on this site in relation to her Sheen-anigans. Well, Bree, or Rachel, or what have you, claims to be getting out of the adult business, but thanks to our friends at Brazzers and their cool-for-school SFW adult industry news site, ZZInsider, we have nekkid pictures of Bree Olson/Rachel Oberlin from her very last adult film shoot, just two weeks ago! Apparently, the adult spurs are harder to hang up than one might think. Plus, you know, the Goddess career path is one fraught with constantly changing employment status. Never a bad idea to keep the day job. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out the funny PSA put out by the good folks at ZZInsider; porn stars missing Charlie Sheen, it’s very touching.

PSA From Brazzers Porn Stars to Charlie Sheen