WARNING: Alyssa Miller Weddding Night Lingerie Pictures May Cause You To Get Married

Mind you, I’m a big advocate for the institution of marriage. I think it’s an amazing commitment and lifelong adventure, you know, for other guys. But when I keep seeing these amazing nuptial lingerie collections, the most recent being this Intimissimi collection modeled by the sextacular Alyssa Miller, well, I get to wondering how it just might be to tie the know. Oh, sure, wedding nights are fleeting fancies, and honeymoons do end, newlywed thrills turn quietly into veteran marriage malaise and scheduled evenings for sexual encounters, eventually pushed back by headaches and chilled emotional states, but, hey, you get those amazing photo albums and a kiss on the lips from your elderly uncle with the bristly mustache. Seems like a fair trade. But, a one night marriage to Alyssa Miller in sexy white lingerie, yep, sign me up for that plan. Enjoy.