Twitpic Twotastic: Amber Heard Playboy Bunny and Aly Michalka Birthday Girl

When the 2012 apocalypse goes down, I’m more than happy to be securing myself and Amber Heard and Aly Michalka down in my underground survival bunker, such that we may begin to repopulate Mother Earth once the nuclear winds or cosmic asteroid dust has retreated. Granted, Amber Heard may take some convincing, but, worst case scenario, she turns Aly Michalka and I get one hell of a bunker show for the two decades we wait for the blue planet to once again become M class.

Amber Heard twitpic comes from the set of The Playboy Club, a new show shooting for NBC that is kind of a Mad Men rip-off meets Playboy name, but no nudity, so I’m not exactly seeing the angle here. But I am gladly ogling super lesbionic sexy bomb Amber Heard in her little bunny outfit. She may be a gay bunny, but I’d still like to tickle her ears.

Meanwhile, Aly Michalka photo comes from her birthday party. I don’t know exactly how many years sexy this Hellcat is, but I do know that the shape of her body is about as perfect and desirable as they come, and, I’d love her to blow out the candles on my cake (I’m not even sure that’s a valid skeevy euphemism). Enjoy.