Taylor Momsen Hot, Bothered, Underage, And Removed By Madonna, Really?

Honestly, I have an unholy amount of PG-rated feelings for Taylor Momsen, mostly just jealousy because of how badly I wanted to be a sex-crazed boozing smoking pseudo punk rock star touring the world at seventeen with a giant ‘eff you to all authority figures. But, also, let’s be real, there’s a little improper lust. Nothing that can be spoken of in polite society, but the kind of taboo you’d expect Madonna of all people to understand. But, no, that old hag hip pop star replaced Taylor Momsen as the face of her Material Girl clothing line with… Kelly Osbourne. Are you defecating me? Really? I get that you don’t necessarily want a cooch-flashing drunken angry teenager representing your multi-million dollar corporate product launch, but I also get hot versus, well, Osbourne. No contest. Just look at these Taylor Momsen pictures from her Light Me Up photoshoot. If I’m a teenage girl with dad’s credit card, that’s exactly who I’m role modeling right there. Enjoy.