Twelve Months of Brazilian Model Hotness from Sexy Magazine


Well, nothing says in the now in February 2011 like a wrap-up of 2010 hotties, but, in the case of Sexy magazine’s review of the best of 2010 feature models of Brazil, well, exceptions must be made. In addition to our friend and controversial short skirt wearer, Geisy Arruda, who we met on this site last year, it really was a spectacular year for Brazilian model hotness, and since it was the same year we began our tour of Sudamerican sultry celebrity sextasticty, well, take a look at one periodicals view into the best of the past year in home country cooking. Seriously, it won’t bite you. Enjoy.

(Sorry, those of you who read Portuguese will note that months are slightly out of order, but, it is a 2010 calendar, so, get over it.)