Rocio Gancedo Playboy Pictures Prove Why Big Brother Is So Much Better Overseas


You probably stopped watching Big Brother in the U.S. a long time ago, if at all, I don’t blame you. But, Big Brother is so much better overseas, in like every other country where it airs and exhibits the local national celebrity hotties in far more glorious nekkid and topless splendor. Also, the Big Brother participants love to go out and do full on sextastic spreads for their country’s editions of magazines such as Playboy, like these Rocio Gancedo pictures in this month’s Playboy Argentina, where the Big Brother cast member bares it all for the glory and honor of her Sudamericana nation. And, well, suddenly, this whole voyeuristic TV show theme becomes wonderful again. Enjoy.

Oh, by the way, other things you may see on foreign editions of Big Brother — boobage licking — yep. Check out this clip from Big Brother Mexico with a cast member known as La Britni. Now that’s just good television.