Paz De La Huerta Topless Sex Scene Is Racy, But Nothing Personal (VIDEO)


We’ve been seeing a good and gracious amount of Paz de la Huerta body and boobage these past few months on Boardwalk Empire, not to mention an awkward wardrobe malfunction outside the Chateau Marmont, but, now, exceeding both of those, Paz de la Huerta is inside the Chateau Marmont grinding some lucky actor in a short cinematic venture entitled Nothing Personal from filmmaker Matt Black. I’ve watched the film a few times now and I’m not sure I get it, but, my SAT scores are comparable to my credit rating which are both comparable to Albert Pujols slugging percentage (great for Albert, not so great for me) which means I usually don’t get art. But I do get nekkid celebrities knocking boots and Paz de la Huerta is nothing if not a brave-ass actress. Super extra bonus points for Paz. Enjoy.

(Check out the original artist film link at Vimeo or view the clip below)