Battle Olivia: Olivia Munn vs. Olivia Wilde Magazine Spreads

The Egotastic! thunderdome, two hotties enter, one hottie leaves. Olivia Munn whose star is now orbiting planet sextastic flashes her A-game in Audrey magazine while smoking hot and freshly single Olivia Wilde blows up the pages of next month’s Cosmo with her uber-hotness. If only I could see these two sexy bombs in a pillow fight or perhaps rolling around on the floor in a feline struggle with nails and hair pulling, then I could more easily decide the winner, I mean, once I cleaned up my drool and awoke from my catatonia brought on by excessive levels of excitement. For now, as always, I shall choose both, raise their arms in triumph, and try to stare down their tops. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn in Audrey magazine, Spring 2011:

Olivia Wilde in Cosmo magazine, April 2011: