‘A Year with Liz’; A Nekkid Earth Orbit Around the Sun With Model Liz La Point


Okay, today, inspired by Charlie Sheen megalomaniacal madness, I too am breaking all the rules.

Photographer and Egotastic! long time reader, Terry Osterhout, has a new book out called ‘A Year with Liz‘, wherein he bought a ton of film and followed around model Liz La Point for a year and snapped her in various moods and states, our favorite mood and state being nekkid, of course. How could I resist when he asked us to post a sampling of his artistic endeavor. Pretty cool stuff. If you’re a photography buff, love girls in the buff, or just looking for the latest and greatest gift to send your friend who is, check out Terry’s new photographic book of art. Enjoy.

(Oh, and before you ask me to pimp your shit, please make sure you have met the precondition of following a cute chick around with a camera for an entire year… with her consent, please.)

A sample of Terry’s work in ‘A Year with Liz’: