Lindsay Lohan Cleavetastic Courthouse Parade


I swear, Lindsay, I’m not staring at your boobs, I’m checking out your stolen jewelry!

Well, looks like Lindsay Lohan may be headed back to the Big House of Girl-on-Girl showers after the judge told her this morning that he wasn’t going to let her take the celebrity-gift-bag plea deal from prosecutors without directly going to jail for violating her probation. In short, she’s screwed. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop Lindsay from looking her cleavetastic finest on her entry into the bowels of Lady Justice this morning. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: / Getty Images

Sometimes, the kids will ask me at my unofficial speaking engagements to troubled teen girls, ‘What’s it really like in women’s prison?’ Well, after I muse to myself pleasantly for half an hour or so, maybe a couple hours, I summarize it for them with the ‘dropping the soap’ scenario, portrayed so beautifully by the remarkably insane Anne Heche in Girls in Prison: