Jennifer Garner, Spread Eagle, Leather Boots, and a Movie I'll See Despite Russell Brand

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It's so very hard to find sexy pictures of the sweetly hot Jennifer Garner, who has fled into mom jean country with a Pinkberry cup in one hand and a bottle of Purell® in the other. We have to settle for accidental butt-crack shots (nice) and accidental down-top photos (double nice), but, we've been waiting for some of the better moments that made us first fall in lust with Jennifer Garner. If these promotional shots are any indication, it looks like the remake of the movie Arthur may just provide the ticket for a few Garnerific moments. Granted, you're going to have to sit through a whole lot of Russell Brand displaying the grand thespianic range of a Lou Costello, still, bathroom breaks were invented for just such actors. And, when you return from the latrine, there shall be Jennifer Garner, in some kind of PG-13 semi-hotness. I think it's a decent tradeoff, but, we shall see. Enjoy.

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