Jaime Murray Hot and Topless and Nekkid All Over the Place (VIDEO)


Well, sexy actress Jaime Murray is having some of a Renaissance these past couple of years, or maybe it’s not Renaissance, but Greco-Roman, or some other age I know I was supposed to study in my Art History classes when I was mostly checking out my hot lesbian classmates. But this Spartacus business is quickly climbing the all-time TV charts of bootastic wonderment, with each episode flashing toga-disrobed funbags to the delight of viewers and the SPQR. Okay, so at times I do turn down the volume, to the ideal setting of zero, but, still, sound on or off, Jaime Murray and her fellow cast members are getting all kinds of female celebrity nekkid on this show and that makes it very Egotastic! Enjoy.

Okay, flash forward to recent day serial killing shows, and the hot-bodied Jaime Murray from recent seasons of Dexter (another fine show) tripping the lights boobtastic. I can never say this enough — I stand and applaud for hot actresses who take their craft seriously enough to flash us their funbags. Bravo!