Gaelle Garcia Diaz Playboy Netherlands


My first reaction to seeing these Gaelle Garcia Diaz pictures in Playboy Netherlands this month was, oh, too bad, too artsy. Not! My first reaction was hot dang dang dangolicious sweet mother of all thing sextastic! This is Gaelle Garcia Diaz, otherwise known as the Spanish-Belgian lust of my life supermodel who has graced the pages of my male fantasy life on so many occasions an MRI actually reveals her name etched upon my cerebral cortex. You can Euro-art and expression her up the wazoo, and I’d still ogle for countless hours, those boobs, that amazing body, such epic hotness. If museums were filled with nekkid sculptures of Gaelle Garcia Diaz, I’d actually visit them, you know, instead of just lying and saying I do on my profile. Enjoy.