The Friday Four: Must See Pictures of Alyssa Miller, Minka Kelly, Olivia Munn, Katy Perry, and Rihanna

Alyssa Miller sure has been receiving a ton of attention lately, mostly I’m speaking for myself, ogling her ridiculously sexy SI Swimsuit photos for won. Here, she may just steal my lower body heart as she sticks out her tongue toward a sexy set of underboobs. It’s like seeing my very dreams come true.

Minka Kelly may or may not be the sexiest woman alive, but she’s definitely one super fine, super sextastic celebrity. Just the sight of her cleavage makes me want to go get myself a second job, make some extra money, and waste it all on her one night in Vegas. She graces the pages of Glamour magazine next month and, by graces, I mean she makes it melt with heat.

Allure indeed. Olivia Munn has had her sextastic boobtastic covered somewhere along her rise to network television fame, but, the current edition of Allure magazine offers up a sweet sweet cleavage shot of the former G4TV girl who still makes the fanboys frenzy fap into near coma like states. Get your tubs of emollients ready, nerd-dom.

Why, if it isn’t Katy Cocktease and Rihanna flipping the bird to their cellphone cameras. I suppose there are a couple ways to view this. In one light, a couple hot-bodied auto-tuned pop divas sharing their passion and fierceness with the world. In the Egotastic! light, it’s the beginnings of a very interesting prostate exam fantasy.