Emma Watson And Her Blues Dress Provide A Wild Night of Nip Slips and Panty Peeks


The last time a little blue dress became so infamous, well, it wasn’t little, and nobody except for the leader of the free world cared to peek under it, let alone soil it. However, much much happier times for the color often associated with sadness, but now a perfectly hued wardrobe malfunction provider over the weekend as gorgeous ginger Emma Watson delivered some epic nip slips and upskirt pictures as she completely mishandled boob tape and firmly-clasped-legs-exits from limousines, much to the greater good of that same free world. For one dress to provide both Emma Watson top and bottom wardrobe malfunctions, well, that’s the blue dress that ought go down in history. Epic. Enjoy.

(Note: yes, I know there’s still boob tape around the delightful teats of Hermione Granger, however, there’s nipple mixed in; it’s one sticky crime of lust scene.)

Photo credit: pacificcoastnewsonline.com / Splash News / bauergriffinonline.com