Elle Macpherson Bikini Pictures Prove That Elle Macpherson Will Be Hot Forever

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I've been in lust with Elle Macpherson since the days before my balls even dropped. Like an inborn sense of passion for the statuesque hall-of-fame swimsuit model. Her 'down under' is a place I have visited many times in the dark recesses of what remains of the sober portions of my mind. I know she spends most of her time these days hawking her sweat shop products d'jour, but when I see Elle Macpherson bikini pictures, even but a glimpse aboard her yacht in Sydney Harbor, well, I became that child again secreting the SI magazine betwixt the mattress and the fake box spring in my bedroom lest my parents find out I'm ogling the hotties at far too early an age and send me back to Dr. F.P. Singer, the child psychologist who once asked me the stupidest question ever uttered, 'Why do you think you like attractive women so much?' Elle Macpherson has some kind of magical power where she may just look great in a bikini forever. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News

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