Danica Thrall Elite Evening Show Brings Almost Nip Slips (VIDEO)


Really, the lengths I go to to please our readers. I suffer for your admittedly sweet sins. In this case, watching countless hours of tape of Danica Thrall on Elite TV to try and catch some nip slips. I mean, I figured they had to be there, but, eleventeen hours of watching this sexy British pinup hottie wiggling around on a couch in her bra and panties to catch some hyper-happy moments? I’m truly exhausted. Apparently, the ‘evening’ show is where you’re more likely to catch some wardrobe malfunctions, perhaps with the crew all hopped up on warm stout and lack of sleep. Anyhow, all I can say is — super close — no full on nip slips, which is pretty amazing considering how close Danica comes in so many moments (of which we tried to include the closest moments). Anyhow, I’m doing better now, thanks for asking, I mean, until my girlfriend sees my overseas Elite TV phone bill. Enjoy.

Updated to Add: good tidings to Egotastic! fan ‘Michael C.’ for giving us the full-view on Danica Thrall Elite TV nekkidness. Wow, could’ve saved me umpteen hours of La-Z-Boy recliner time before the DVR trying to find Danica slips. But, lo and behold, sexy Danica Thrall nipple and lady nest bared by accident, or, you know, not by accident, on Elite TV.