Camille Grammer And Her Bitter Divorce Remind Me of More Nekkid Times (VIDEO)


Okay, so my girlfriend who watches the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (I swear on all things Miranda Kerr and holy that it’s not me!) tells me that the big reveal this season was the shocking dumping of Camille Grammer by Cheers and Frazier star, Kelsey Grammer, who apparently boinked and knocked up a much younger flight attendant then filed for a quickie divorce from wife of a dozen years, Camille. Well, this is all juicy gossip I don’t care so much about, except that when I saw Camille Grammer, man, I had some wicked flashbacks. No, not to some swank Hollywood party to which I was certainly never invited, and, no, not back to Camille Grammer and her valiant and noble public service announcements for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but back to The Naked Detective, a cheeseball film from the mid-90′s, where Camille Grammer (then under her maiden name or stage name more likely) got all hot and naked and boot-knocking. I guess this was right about the time Kelsey met her and proposed, which based upon how she looks nekkid in this skinematastic film, makes perfect sense. But, alas, marriages to girls with troubled colons based upon blonde hair and big boobs, well, I suppose they’re destined to fail with the passage of time. However, thankfully, celluloid lasts a real long time, providing some Camille Grammer flashback treats for the Egotastic! family. Enjoy.