Arleth Teran Brings the Telenovela Heat to Playboy


Yes, I love the Spanish soap operas; yes, I love to see the Latina hotties slapping the stuffing out of each other over various forms of infidelities and social missteps. But, most of all, I love when my favorite south of the border soap opera stars hit the magazines for full feature spreads of their sextastic. Arleth Teran has been a staple of the Mexican soaps for over a decade now, fiery passionate brunette who loves playing the villain bitch on the shows (and, who may or may not be dating a cartel drug lord, depending upon which gossip channels you follow and how good you are at translating Spanish; personally, I’m horrible, so she may actually be dating a veterinarian or a priest). Still, she bares the bodacious body for Playboy Mexico and I quite enjoy.