Alyssa Miller Breaks Onto Egotastic! In Intimissimi Lingerie

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While Victoria's Secret holds a special place in my heart, if for no other reason than the number of times I've been booked on trespassing and lewd and lascivious conduct charges at their store locations, I must say that Italian lingerie company Intimissimi is really making a play for the title of hottest bras and panties hawkers with the likes of these Alyssa Miller lingerie pictures pimping out their line of glorious and sexy underthings. In this case, they brought in the big guns with Alyssa Miller, who you may know from her sexy Guess ads (see below) and put her in tiny bits of clothing and let her do her sextastic thing. It's a winning formula. Quite frankly, a little competition in the lingerie sales market is very good for our business, the business of ogling hot women in silky nothings. Enjoy.

Here's the perfectly sextastic Alyssa Miller in a behind the scenes look at her last summer's spot for Guess. It's 'wow' in black and white.

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