Alyssa Milano Pregnant, But She’ll Always Be A Nekkid Vampire Victim To Me (VIDEO)


Okay, so, I was going to say she’s all grown up but she’ll always be Samantha from Who’s the Boss to me, but that’d be a lie. When I think of Alyssa Milano, I can’t help but think of the young actress with impressive boobtastic who made a name for herself in the adult world by flaunting her sexy curves, and then her mom came along and tried to ruin the Internet just because Alyssa’s little brother searched for his sister online and found nude photos of her. Hey, these things happen. Regardless, I prefer to remember pre-baby, pre-wholesome Alyssa Milano in such epic thespianic ventures as Embrace of the Vampire, a real suck fest, if you know what I’m saying. Congrats, Alyssa. And, enjoy.