Bravo! O.C. Housewives Promo Accidentally Exposes Tamra Barney Topless (VIDEO)


I feel for reality TV editors, I really do. Producers shoot endless hours of footage of whatever bunch of numskulls are being followed then drop it in the laps of these ghostly white pale dudes who don’t sleep for weeks on end as they try to cut hundreds of hours of raw footage down into show-sized bites. Or even short little promos. So, on occasion, they are going to miss a crucial edit here or there. And, thank goodness for that.

Shoutout to Egotastic! power-user ‘Amanda H.’ for spotting the very brief, but memorable edit-fail in the recent Bravo! TV promo for the upcoming sixth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the original spawn of Satan in the Real Housewives franchise. More specifically, a brief but generous view of O.C. Housewife and MILF, Tamra Barney and her newly single plastic boobtastic chestal region getting it on in the hot tub. Oh, how TV networks hate to run sweet bare boobs on television. Even for one brief Janet Jackson moment, it freaks every holier-than-thou completely out of their freaking minds. Well, I guess I’m freaking out for quite the opposite reason. Nice rack, Tamra Barney. Enjoy.