WTF NEWS ALERT: Stephanie Seymour Family Fun Beach Vacation Continues

I really am not sure how to proceed here under such delicate conditions. I truly thought yesterday’s discovery of potentially forbidden maneuvers betwixt my long time object d’ lust, the veteran model hottie, Stephanie Seymour, and her cadre of teenage male offspring was just my warped mind playing tricks on me. Well, while there’s no denying the warped mind part of the equation, as more Stephanie Seymour bikini pictures roll in the from the family-fun filled holiday vacation, well, I’m bending over backwards (as opposed to what Stephanie appears to be doing) to treat this situation with the loving hands of a healer, not the harsh stricture of a judge. And, now, I must shower. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame

Meanwhile, we continue to search our Egotastic! science archives for more clues as to just what may be happening here on the Seymour family vacation.

Viewer Discretion Advised: Graphic Scenes of Science