Selena Gomez All Kinds of After-Prom Looking Hot in Concert

Selena Gomez, I just can’t stop lusting you. I don’t care if you’re knocking petite boots with an underaged midget Usher midget protege, I just can’t stop thinking of your barely legal, barely Latina hotness as you travel the globe on your anyone-can-be-a-pop-star tour. Selena Gomez took the stage in Puerto Rico over the weekend to belt out some silly music to a gaggle of adoring teen girls, but, more importantly, looked exceedingly hot in an after-prom, gonna finally get the girl of my dreams sort of way. Oh, Selena, you touch me in a place that can only be described as the intersection of Naughty St. and Unthinkable Blvd. Enjoy.

They say the road ain’t no place to raise a family. Here’s Selena Gomez wearily making her way through LAX on the way to that concert. Tired, but, oh, yes, I’m still checking her out, because my lust goes 24×7.

Photo credit: / Splash News