Romina Belluscio Sexy in Black Straps for FHM (VIDEO)

After yesterday’s ‘Khloe as the Machine” post, I kind of lost my taste for anything black kinky leather, such a shame, so I had to cleanse my palate with these rather sweet black strappy pictures of Argentinean hottie and Spanish TV hostess, Romina Belluscio from FHM Spain. Here’s a fact: the Spanish-speaking world loves to watch hot girls on TV. Hmm, kind of like the rest of the world. This sultry brunette chats and sings and dances, kind of like a Kelly Ripa if Kelly Ripa ate a sandwich every now and then. Enjoy your palate cleanser.

Take a look at Romina Belluscio in her behind the scenes video for this FHM photoshoot.

And, if you’d like to see Romina Belluscio in full on TV personality action: