Paz Vega Goes Braless and See-Through for Burning Palms

Sexy Spaniard Paz Vega. See-through dress top. No bra. And the premiere of the film Burning Palms. Now, insert your own joke.

I will never tire of European sensibilities surrounding the almighty fun bags. Flash them on beaches, tease them at formal events, sheer tops, no tops, sideboobs, nip slips, it was all pretty much perfected, if not invented, on the Continent. And, thus concludes my praise of European culture, to return my praise to where it ought belong, Paz Vega, who I’ve lusted at 110% lust tank capacity for many years now. She may not be working the same sextastic movie roles she once did, but she’s still got plenty of sexy bomb left to be exploded, and apparently the wardrobe to launch it from. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News