Olivia Wilde See-Through Bikini Underwear Redux (with Nipples!)


Nipples are a funny thing. A delightfully sexy funny thing. They freak the heck out of many people. Certain people with sticks up their poop chutes even write laws barring them from being seen, you know, lest we catch a glimpse of the life-giving device that nourishes and sustains our species during infancy (and well beyond if you dig serious fetish play). Even certain publications, magazines for the men types, feel a need to airbrush nipples out of eyesight. Odd, but, it does does create the opportunity for delightful new finds.

We lust Olivia Wilde big time. No secret. And when GQ put up some amazing Olivia Wilde see-through bikini underwear pictures last year, we just about fell into a catatonic spell. Still, something was missing. Ah, yes, the nipples! Now, thanks to Max magazine, say hello to Olivia Wilde in all her natural splendor, all body parts included. Dayenu!