Nicole Scherzinger Gets Wet and Hot and Wet in FHM

What’s new pussycat? One of our favorite sultry dolls, the dancing sextastic wonder, Nicole Scherzinger took time out of her busy schedule of working out and shaping and toning and looking all kind of tight and hot to appear in the upcoming edition of FHM, where the Pussycat Doll looks all kinds of wet and hot and tempting. She definitely makes me want to be a better man. Or a richer man at least. To the point I could call her, tell her to put on something skimpy because I’m sending my driver by to pick her up. Oh, but a man can dream, and since he can, I’m going to be dreaming of Nicole Scherzinger asstastic this evening. Enjoy.

(Note: this photo set was actually originally shot for Maxim this past summer, but we included the FHM photos for February 2011 that weren’t in that original post.)

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