Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment Tongue Teasings

We’ve had tons of requests to post Miley/Hannah sidekick, Emily Osment, and since we’re on a binge of posting leaked Miley Cyrus photos as is, might as well post the equally sassy Emily Osment sharing a little tongue and a little giggle in these candid photos (date unknown) as well. We’ll be posting much more of Emily Osment in the future I suspect, though I think racy pictures are a bit longer shot with her than Miley Cyrus. But, if I’ve learned one thing in this business (and, even that might be a stretch) it’s that you never say never when it comes to who will wind up all flashy and sexy and bare in front of a camera one day. Enjoy.

Oh, and for you fans of the leaking Miley Cyrus photos from ‘inside the closet and dressing room’, here’s another Miley amateur fashion moment: