Lacey Banghard Wins U.K. Sun Page 3 Idol Contest


Lacey Banghard. Yep, I know.

She’s just won the U.K. Sun Page 3 Idol contest. And, she’s hot. And, there’s something about her that’s just very compelling. Oh, wait, I think it might be her glorious funbags! Look, if your last name is ‘Banghard’ and you’re a hot girl, well, working your way through high school can probably be pretty rough, but this teenager seems to have come through alright, alright by me for sure. We have it on good authority she’s already in process of shooting she-banging shots for our friends at Nuts, so expect to see much more of this busty Idol in the very near future. Enjoy.

(Shoutout to Egotastic! superfan ‘John S.’ for the head’s up on Banghard.)