Charlie Sheen Lives! Adult Film Star Kacey Jordan Twitpics Twatpics From Inside The Sheen Abode


A candlelit vigil composed mostly of porn stars, hookers, coke dealers, and, by way of text, my Supercuts barber, Flabian Gharko, stood watch outside Cedars Sinai Hospital yesterday after Charlie Sheen was rushed from the bulk nose candy and motorized sex swing orgy at his humble Hollywood Hills castle to the hospital with what his ‘people’ claimed turned out to be a mere stomach hernia. (Methinks the hernia came about from twisting the truth so violently.)

Blessedly, before she lawyered up, adult film star Kacey Jordan, one of the gaggle of goo girls Charlie invited to his Caligularian bender, twitpicked a crotched-eye view of perhaps the very last thing Charlie saw before his near-death experience — a couple bottles of lube, some mouthwash, and the only legal version of Coke in the house. Charlie Sheen dodges the Grim Reaper with Houdini like agility. Of course, the master escape artist ultimately met his demise at the hands of a ruptured gut. Good luck, Chuck.

You really must check out this TMZ exclusive video of Kacey Jordan detailing a night of cocaine, booze, porn, and sexy at the Sheen mansion.

Click to see Kacey Jordan spilling the dirt on Charlie Sheen

And, of course, this being Egotastic! we had to get a closer look at Kacey Jordan to see why Charlie insisted she be the ‘blonde’ to fill out his bender dance card. Thanks to our friends at Brazzers/ZZinsider and Glamour Girls Gone Bad for hooking us up with this getting to know Kacey Jordan primer.

UPDATED TO ADD: Of course, our friends at Vivid wanted us to know they discovered Kacey Jordan even before Charlie Sheen did. (Be aware this is a Vivid video cut, not too bad, but not safe for work.)

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