Thank God It’s Fun Bags: Jenn Hoffman Twipics Topless


Well, you know we like to start our Friday off with a newsworthy pairs of celebrities boobs and this week we’re fortunate to have Jenn Hoffman, a former Apprentice contestant and OK! magazine style correspondent apparently ‘accidentally’ tweeted a self-portrait of her spectacular top (which she somewhat immediately pulled down from her Twitter account with a brief apology — apology for what?). Enjoy.

(Thanks to Egotastic! reader ‘wfb’ for the Jenn Hoffman find.)

Updated to Add: According to Egotastic! fan ‘Dan G.’ and his sources, the caption beneath the short-lived Jenn Hoffman twitpic read, ‘Thinking about your dick.” So, you know, put Jenn Hoffman up for early consideration for girlfriend of the year award.

Note: for those asking about the Patricia Heaton topless picture that was up here momentarily, it was just a bit of fun gone awry. It’s an almost certainly dummied up photo of the Everybody Loves Raymond actress but since we don’t want to be teases, here’s the counterfeit photo for your viewing pleasure: