Danica Thrall Takes Your Call (VIDEO)


Danica Thrall boobs and asstatic, we love it all.

Well this former Miss England competitor certainly has branched out a bit. While we do lust her Nuts and FHM topless photospreads, this whole EliteTV call-in softcore Euro satellite TV business is just a wonderment to us sexy celebrity loving Yanks. Danica Thrall in tiny silky things wiggling and writhing around on a couch while men from about the United Kingdom and portions of Flanders call her and talk football maybe? I wish I’d seen this live, because I have a few questions for super sexy blonde Danica Thrall, such as, ‘Will you be my wife for the next three to four weeks?’ and ‘Can you think of anything your mum told you to never ever do with a a man?’. Okay, those EliteTV advertisements are super annoying, but Danica Thrall is super ridiculously sexy and I must practically insist you take a peek. Enjoy.