Charlotte Ross Topless Makes Me So Happy in Drive Angry 3D (VIDEO)


Another month or so until Drive Angry 3D releases in the U.S. and I’m pretty geeked. Yeah, Nicolas Cage has made some pretty heinous action flicks of late, but, this one looks pretty good and, oh, by the way, it features the super hot lesbionic, Amber Heard, and the seemingly ageless hottie, Charlotte Ross, all topless and sextastic and delicious. About to turn 43, Charlotte Ross maintain the body of a woman I’d definitely sacrifice a few of my prized goats for the chance to see in person, let alone, dare I say, touch in a contextually relevant and super polite manner. Check out this preview clip of one hot blonde Charlotte Ross and tell me you’re not standing in line next to me to see Drive Angry.

For those of you who are like me, seriously in obsession-fest with Charlotte Ross at the moment, check out her recent red carpet pictures from the Tron premiere. You will fall in lust all over again. Simply amazing.

Photo credit: Splash News