Avril Lavigne Still Can't Sing, But Looked Amazing on NYE (VIDEO)

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Well, auto-tune made its way onto the stage at the Dick Clark Rocking New Year's Eve party before the ball drop this year, but who's actually listening to little faux-skater hottie Avril Lavigne anyhow? She looked sexy as always in her shimmery dress atop her petite, but sextastic frame, bouncing around on stage before a gaggle of screaming NYE party girls who honestly have no idea what her song is about, and neither did the guy who wrote it on his Casio the night before. Still, pop musical shortfalls aside, I just love seeing Avril Lavigne. I don't care how many new boyfriend tattoos she gets. Has it really been nearly a decade since this little waif stole my heart with the numbly titled, Sk8er Boi? Wow. Enjoy.

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